Monday, March 27, 2017

Self-Reliance and Helping Others

After reading a comment under an article about a small community in a U.S. region with a reputation for being liberal dealing with aftermath of a landslide that said something to the effect of "Self-reliant Democrats? Who'd have thought? If they were urban liberals they would be whining and waiting for the government to come help them" I realized that self-reliance has been claimed by conservatives, championed by libertarians who argue against welfare as character-destroying. So I thought, why do liberals have a reputation for being dependent upon big government to help them?

I've been familiar with self-reliance since growing up in a small, rural, but liberal town. While there are problems with strict adherence to conservative ideologies that justify disregard for the suffering of the needy, even I can recognize the tendency to label liberals dependent.

Desteni, in walking what's best for all as this applies to the current conditions in which humans suffer due to a lack of access to resources, while simultaneously promoting tools with which individuals can strengthen and improve upon internal weaknesses, provides a balance between serving others (which can be achieved through the simple mechanism of a living income guaranteed) and expressing self-reliance (which can be built and expanded through the tools of self-forgiveness and self-writing).

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