Friday, March 17, 2017

Activist Shareholders

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals made news recently when they purchased $4000 worth of shares in an apparel company for the purpose of using their position to bring attention to and stop the company from using unethical sources, specifically mentioning "cruelly trapped coyotes and down feathers from slaughtered geese."


Animals are abused in our reliance upon them for consumer goods. While the law increasingly protects animal rights, there are still companies that profit at the expense of animals and leave us little to do. Creative solutions for getting into the press such as buying shares in unethical companies may temporarily increase attention on certain issues. However, the amount of abuse that goes on is unthinkable.


Recognize constitutionally guaranteed equal life rights in the regulation and expression of businesses to ensure abuse is not tolerated in any step of the processes upon which we depend.


As if stopping animal abuse is not reward enough on its own, we won't have to read news stories about obnoxious/heroic NGOs pulling stunts to create publicity for their causes. If we as a society can come together to stop animal abuse imagine the other things we could accomplish

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