Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Social Fabric Cannot Hold

Reports of unruly airplane passengers are up 17% from the previous year. The International Air Transport Association says "the majority of incidents involve verbal abuse, failure to follow crew instructions and other forms of antisocial behavior" while "only 11% involved physical altercations or aircraft damage." Anyone that's traveled on an airplane knows how stressful the experience can be, but this report nonetheless raises some serious questions about our ability to maintain civility in the face of tests to our preprogrammed existences.

So often, our behavior in social settings is geared towards "maintaining the peace." At least, that's how we justify avoiding confrontation, suppressing certain words/behaviors, and modifying our conduct when in the presence of other humans. Earth is a crowded place, we may argue, and learning to suppress our behavior around others may just make our go of it that much easier.

Nonetheless, to borrow a phrase I learned from Desteni, What we resist persists.

What this phrase means practically, is that just because we suppress certain words or behavior in front of others doesn't necessarily mean that the underlying patterns that caused these words to want to be expressed in the first place have been addressed. Yes, the person in front of you you wanted to call-out for what they were doing was only the temporary trigger of your OWN issue, but how can we be so sure there aren't negative consequences to suppressing these outbursts, even if doing so is seemingly in support of maintaining the social fabric?

As Earth spins round and millions of people continue to deny all the problems that is here on Earth, refusing to speak even to those closest to us about the basic issues facing ourselves and the world, it's only expected that this suppressive behavior will eventually result in outbursts on planes, buses, and highways the world over. 

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