Sunday, June 5, 2016

Progressivism is Dead

Progressivism is the political movement claimed by dissatisfied Liberals. Unfortunately, just like Liberalism or Conservatism, progressivism takes its place within the status quo socioeconomic system and seeks for incremental changes. The hypocritical nature of this movement should be easy to identify.

When pressed, it's easy to imagine a strong majority of those who label themselves progressive are unwilling to give up their elite standing in the world system. Rather, just like liberals or conservatives, they would prefer to change the system slowly, over time, while maintaining their comfortable positions within it. Progressives speak about ideas like being better to the environment or poor people but, at the end of the day, they prepare to go back to their jobs within the system that continue to abuse the environment and protect them from the realities of poverty.

Progressives are not prepared to radically change the system into one that is best for all.

If you are prepared to change yourself and then the world system into one that is best for all, investigate DIP Lite, the FREE online course where you learn about the nature of thoughts, feelings, and emotions and our tendency to become possessed by these constructs.

Research the Living Income Guaranteed Proposal by The Equal Life Foundation for a solution to end poverty and start on the path to Heaven on Earth.

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