Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Problem with #FeelTheBern

While Sen. Bernie Sanders certainly deserves credit for shining the light on wealth inequality in the 2016 Presidential campaign, the political revolution he repeatedly calls for has yet to materialize. The reasons for this are twofold.

The first reason the movement to #FeelTheBern hasn't and likely won't materialize in any real, substantive change that is best for all is simply because creating change in the system requires more than sharing inspirational messages on Twitter or even showing up to vote. It requires change within to be able to put oneself in the shoes of those abused by the system and then work towards implementing real changes that actually improve the lives of such beings to an acceptable level. Many Sanders supporters are comfortable posting something to Facebook, perhaps even donating money to his campaign, and then going to vote for the man in the primary. Perhaps progressive Americans have a short memory but voting for a single person and expecting change didn't work in 2008 and it won't work in 2016.

The second reason why Sen. Bernie Sanders isn't the savior we've been waiting for is that he, himself, hasn't undergone the changes necessary to understand what it takes to replace the current system with something that values all lives equally. This is not to fault the man, although Desteni has made the tools of self-change public for nearly a decade and, at this point, the choice not to utilize them belies a certain sense of self-deception... Thus, Sanders' approach is still rooted in the old ways of doing things and his mindset seems to be rooted in a certain nationalistic American exceptionalism that, unfortunately, puts him in the same playing field as all of the other candidates with their rhetoric of making America great, or greater, or the greatest. It's partly a reflection of the zeitgeist of today, but any call for revolution that seeks to maintain American superiority is bound to be short-lived. American superiority/exceptionalism/greatness (or whatever you want to call it) is inherently based upon the perpetuation of self-interest as if its pervasiveness was a cultural success.

To those who support Sanders' call for a revolution and are genuinely interested in a politics of equality, I suggest to first start with investigating oneself through the free, online DIP Lite course. Within, you'll learn the nature of the thoughts, emotions, and feelings that dictate our daily participation in 'life' and learn to CHANGE them and thus yourself into a more effective being capable of the compassion and empathy required to be a leader in bringing about a new world order. Did I mention its free?

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